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Desktop automation

It's no longer a tough nut to crack!

Moving your mouse around your screen, clicking buttons or icons, typing on your keyboard, reading screen content, search for specific UI elements and much more β€” it's all possible with nut.js.

await mouse.move(
await mouse.click(Button.LEFT);
await keyboard.type('Hello World!');

Simplify everyday business tasks.

Because you shouldn't have to spend time on tedious, repetitive work.


GUI testing shouldn't be hard

With its rich API any tester, regardless of their skill level, can automate and validate GUI applications with ease. End-to-end test smarter, not harder β€” with nut.js.


Developers should focus on their own code, not their dependencies.

nut.js is fully pre-built and available for Windows, Linux and macOS. This makes it easy to integrate it with your existing project. No matter whether you have a node or Electron project, no more messing around with compilers, dependencies or build processes so you can fully focus on delivering a great application.


Don't waste time on repetitive tasks

Time is money, and you can save on both by automating repetitive tasks. Let nut.js do the deeds so you have the time to focus on actual business value. A triple win! Whether it's a game or a business application, nut.js can help you automate almost anything!

Data Extraction

Every software can have an API β€” with nut.js

Are you struggling with manual data extraction from applications without an API? nut.js can help you with that! Let nut.js extract data and serve it via your own API. This way you can easily integrate legacy applications into your modern workflow.

Loved by businesses and individuals worldwide.

nut.js is intuitive to get started easily, yet so powerful that you can automate even the most complex tasks.

    • nut.js provides a wide range of desktop automation, including mouse manipulation, keyboard input, and screen recognition. Its user-friendly API covers various use cases and helps minimize development efforts. Additionally, with open-source problem-solving and high-quality support, we had no concerns when incorporating it into our product.

      Autoro Inc. logo
      Shiro Fukuda
      CEO, AUTORO Inc.
    • Man, honestly, it's such a nice project! I actually tried it already in a Mac, a Linux and a Windows machine and for all of them πŸ‘Œ

      Reddit User
    • Are you kidding, this is the real deal. Keep it up!

      Discord User
    • Hey guys, I must say this is a cool library and the getting-started docs is awesome

      Discord User
    • Hey Simon, just joined to say nut.js is awesome, thanks for making it! πŸ™‚

      Discord User
    • Thank you for your hard work! I use it a lot.

      Reddit User
    • I can't wait to find a good idea to give this a shot. It looks super clean.

      Discord User
    • Very nice! Kind of like webdriver but for the desktop πŸ˜„

      Discord User
    • Works perfect, and x100 times faster than robotjs! Great job!

      Discord User
    • Great plugin btw. Leaves robotjs in the dust.

      Discord User
    • I've been using nut.js since end of 2021, and it's one of the most amazing tools to automate some of my stuff.

      Discord User
    • Kudos to nut js!! Such a nice library @s1hofmann

      GitHub User

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Early access to core packages for nut.js. Prebuilt, tested, ready to use.

  • Access to prebuilt @nut-tree/nut-js core packages
  • Early access to stable and snapshot releases before they are available on GitHub
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For anyone looking to build a product including nut.js.

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Your a business and got a team working with nut.js? This is the right plan for you!

  • Everything in Solo
  • Private package access for multiple users
  • Manage access from a single license
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