Pricing and plans

nut.js pricing

Most of nut.js is free to use. However, we do offer additional packages and support plans if desired.

Plugin packages are subscription based!

Licenses are valid for either one month or one year and will be renewed automatically. (You'll also get a discount on yearly plans!)

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Solo/Team Plans

Pricing is simple:

  • The Solo plan will grant access to all available nut.js plugins and packages to a single user.
  • The Team plan will give you access to all available nut.js plugins and packages for a team of up to three users.

If none of the existing plans fit your needs, there is also the option to get a custom plan.

Single Packages

As an alternative to the Solo plan, you can also purchase single packages.

Attention: You can not combine multiple single packages into a single purchase. If you require more than one package at a time, please switch to using one of the all-access (Solo/Team)plans!