@nut-tree/libnut Changelog


  • Bugfix: Re-build broken Windows release


  • Enhancement: Adding support for numpad 'Enter' key
  • Enhancement: Adding support for 'Fn' modifier key
  • Maintenance: Version upgrades, CI updates, etc.


  • Feature: Move/focus/resize window
  • Enhancement: Adding support for numpad 'clear' key
  • Maintenance: Version upgrades, CI updates, etc.


  • Bugfix: Screen capture broken on macOS 13
  • Enhancement: Enable newly introduced keys to be used as modifiers
  • Bugfix: screen.highlight closes Electron window


  • Bugfix: Fix rounding to mouse move on Window to fix mouse drift


  • Bugfix: Update permissionCheck.js to cache permission check results and only ask for permissions on actual function call by wrapping it in a HOF
  • Bugfix: Add rounding to mouse move on Window to fix mouse drift
  • Enhancement: Add additional keys


  • Bugfix: Update permission handling on macOS


  • Bugfix: Fix ReferenceError: b is not defined
  • Enhancement: Improved permission handling on macOS
  • Bugfix: Limit calls to SetThreadDPIAwarenessContext to Windows 10 clients


  • Bugfix: Segmentation Fault when retrieving window title
  • Enhancement: Automatically check and request required permissions on macOS


  • Enhancement: Add Windows runtime files
  • Bugfix: Fix capture region x,y offset when DPI scaling on Windows
  • Bugfix: Fix wrong keycode for CapsLock


  • Bugfix: Modifier keys are not properly released on macOS
  • Bugfix: Fix mouse clicks with modifiers on macOS


  • Enhancement: Disable microsleep between keypresses on Windows and Linux
  • Enhancement: Add mappings for missing numpad keys
  • Enhancement: Added missing key mappings
  • Bugfix: Revert keyboardInput to use scancodes
  • Bugfix: Updated doubleClick implementation to fire two up/down cycles
  • Enhancement: Determine Windows doubleclick interval
  • Bugfix: Mouse click doesn't work on external monitor with negative x and y
  • Bugfix: macOS doubleclick fires two doubleclick events


  • Enhancement: Numpad buttons don't work on Linux
  • Bugfix: Issue with keyboard.type in to Spotlight on MacOS


  • Bugfix: Keypresses not properly caught on Windows
  • Enhancement: Enable some kind of warning / info message in case system requirements are not met


  • Bugfix: Windows display scaling is applied in wrong direction


  • Enhancement: Fix undefined behaviour of BufferFinalizer
  • Bugfix: Fix for screen highlight window minimized intead close
  • Enhancement: SendInput for mouse movement on Windows
  • Bugfix: Windows Scaling issues: screen functions broken
  • Enhancement: Support Apple Silicon
  • Bugfix: Remove scan code KEYUP block


  • Maintenance: Upgrade CI
  • Enhancement: Fix compiler warnings
  • Enhancement: Windows: Support for HDPI displays
  • Enhancement: macOS: Support for M1 chips
  • Enhancement: Remove static keyboard delay


  • Enhancement: Snapshot releases
  • Enhancement: Update CI configs
  • Enhancement: Split OS specific implementation into separate files
  • Enhancement: Linux: Update XGetMainDisplay to avoid receiving Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 key
  • Enhancement: Enable GitHub Actions
  • Enhancement: Trigger snapshot build for
  • Bugfix: Region captures can't capture the whole screen


  • Enhancement: Retrieve coordinates of current active window
  • Enhancement: Retrieve dimensions for a window specified via its window handle
  • Enhancement: Separate folders for OS specific implementation
  • Enhancement: Retrieve window name for a given window handle


  • Bugfix: Fix hanging shift key after keyboard input on Windows