On Screen Search

When working with computers, your main source of information is your screen. We enter data via mouse and/or keyboard, but no matter whether it's a command line interface or a complex graphical user interface, all our data is presented presented to us via the screen.

nut.js relies heavily on this simple abstraction, so naturally the screen instance provided various ways to process presented information.

Provided Functionality

find, findAll and waitFor are the main functions when it comes to on-screen search.

While find and findAll try to locate your desired target on screen at the very moment, waitFor will repeatedly scan the screen for it until a certain timeout is reached.

All above-mentioned functions are very powerful helpers when automating more complex tasks, so let's see how we can use them to our advantage!

Finding an image on the screen

nut.js provides a simple way to find image(s) on screen. The image search tutorial explains how to use this feature.

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