Single Packages

nut.js bolt package


Extends the default capabilities for mouse, keyboard, screen, window and clipboard automation with e.g. full unicode support for keyboard input

What's in the box?

Every subscription to @nut-tree/bolt also includes full access to core packages.


Compatible with:

  • Windows
    • Windows 10 and later
    • x64 binaries, but usable on ARM64 via the x64 emulation layer
    • 64-bit only
  • macOS
    • macOS 10.15 and later
    • Both Intel and Apple Silicon
    • 64-bit only
  • Linux
    • Tested on Ubuntu 22.04 and later
    • Only compatible with X11 based systems, or Wayland with XWayland support
    • x64 binaries, ARM64 not yet supported
    • 64-bit only

Package access

  • Package access is granted to a single user
  • Accounts are not transferable
  • Accounts are not shareable


  • Monthly: 35$/month
  • Yearly: 385$/year (get one month for free)