Pricing and plans

nut.js solo plan

Things are getting serious. You are an indie hacker, and you want to use nut.js in your project. Plus, you want to get access to additional packages like @nut-tree/bolt and @nut-tree/nl-matcher.

Awesome, the Solo plan is for you!

Solo plan features

In addition to everything that is included in the Free plan, the Solo plan includes:

  • Access to the @nut-tree/bolt package
    • Extension of the default capabilities for mouse, keyboard, screen, window and clipboard automation with e.g. full unicode support for keyboard input
  • Access to the @nut-tree/nl-matcher package
    • A configurable on-screen image search plugin which supports detection of multiple occurrences of the same image on the screen
  • Access to the @nut-tree/plugin-ocr package
    • A plugin which allows to search for text on the screen
    • An extension to the screen API to retrieve text content of a given area on the screen

All packages are fully cross-platform compatible and run on

  • Windows
  • macOS (both Intel and Apple Silicon)
  • Linux

Package access

Package access is granted to a single user and is not transferable.

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Please consult the sponsoring profile and select the Solo tier.