Pricing and plans

nut.js team plan

Your project has grown, and you're working with a team of developers? You're building commercial products and want to ensure stable support for your project?

Sounds like to the Team plan is a great fit for you!

Team plan features

In addition to everything that is included in the Free plan, the Team plan includes:

  • Access to the @nut-tree/bolt package
    • Extension of the default capabilities for mouse, keyboard, screen, window and clipboard automation with e.g. full unicode support for keyboard input
  • Access to the @nut-tree/nl-matcher package
    • A configurable on-screen image search plugin which supports detection of multiple occurrences of the same image on the screen
  • Access to the @nut-tree/plugin-ocr package
    • A plugin which allows to search for text on the screen
    • An extension to the screen API to retrieve text content of a given area on the screen

All packages are fully cross-platform compatible and run on

  • Windows
  • macOS (both Intel and Apple Silicon)
  • Linux

Package access

Package access is granted to up to three users.

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Please consult the sponsoring profile and select the Team tier.